5 Reasons to Consider PRP Treatment for Your Hair

5 Reasons to Consider PRP Treatment for Your Hair

When a part of your body is injured, your immune system sends specialized blood cells called “platelets” to heal, regenerate, and rejuvenate the area. Doctors are able to take advantage of this natural body function to create platelet-rich plasma (PRP) out of a small amount of your own blood. With over 1 million platelets for … Continue reading

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Here’s Why You Should Consider PRP for Hair Loss

PRP Injections for Hair Loss in Northern Virginia

An estimated 21 million women and 35 million men suffer from hair loss, often starting as early as the 20s. Modern technology means no one in Northern Virginia has to live with hair loss. Platelet-rich plasma can stop hair loss in its tracks and restore the fullness of your hair. Let’s explore PRP for hair … Continue reading

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Laser Hair Removal Procedure at NOVA Plastic Surgery in Virginia

Winter is a great time to start laser hair removal treatments! Here’s a quick video showing you exactly what the process looks like, with details about our Candela GentleMax Pro laser system. Most clients will require four to six treatment sessions, so call us now to start the process at (703) 574-2588! We use a … Continue reading


Why You Should Get Laser Hair Removal in the Winter

One of the best parts of winter when youre a woman is not having to shave your legs as often! Were bundled up in leggings and long pants and no one sees our legs anyway (or maybe youre just as good about shaving in the winter as you are in the summer, in which case … Continue reading


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