How to Get Rid of My Double Chin?

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What is Kybella and will it work on my double chin? Sixty-seven percent of people surveyed by the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery said that they were bothered by the excess fat under their chin. There is now a non-surgical way to permanently reduce the amount of fat under the chin and improve your profile with Kybella. … Continue reading

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What are the benefits of Retinol?

Most everyone has heard of Retinol at some time or another.  If you browse the skin care aisle at your local Target or pharmacy, you will find a wide variety of products promising to smooth wrinkles, all containing Retinol. So what is Retinol and what is the benefits of Retinol?  And more importantly, how can … Continue reading

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How to enhance my eyelashes?

You can give butterfly kisses with them, wink with them, and even make a wish with them. Lush eyelashes are sought after by many women. The mascara industry in the US generates millions of dollars annually by women looking to enhance their peepers. What if you could have longer, darker and fuller lashes without mascara? … Continue reading

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Get your Skin Ready This Fall with SkinCeuticals

As we age our skin’s barrier function starts to lose hydration, firmness and softness due to external environmental damage. The skin loses the natural oils and becomes damages, dehydrated, and weak lacking collagen and elastin. To help with these concerns we have to get you on the right skin care regimen to improve the skin’s … Continue reading

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What is Voluma?

VOLUMA IN NORTHERN VA Voluma is a highly cross-linked filler, meaning it is thicker.  Therefore, it is most appropriately used in the midface and cheeks to give a “lift”.  One of the most common reasons people come to me interested is filler is to treat the prominent folds, such as smile lines (the lines between the … Continue reading

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