Face Trauma Before and After old

Face Trauma Before and After in Northern Va

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Face Trauma Chin Reconstruction

Face Trauma After Chin Reconstruction

Age: 32

Procedure(s): Chin Reconstruction

Patient Information:  This patient was bitten by a dog which actually bit a piece of skin off. Dr. Nukta performed the initial repair, followed by a series of Laser scar treatments. He then performed a revision of the scar with the addition of fat graft to augment a depression in the skin caused by the bite.

Face Trauma Before and After Ear Reconstruction

Age: Non-Disclosed

Procedure(s): Ear Reconstruction

Patient Information: A near amputation of the ear, repaired by our Trauma plastic and Hand Surgeon, Fadi Nukta, MD. Giving the patient a great result

Face Trauma Before and After Closed Nasal reduction of a fracture

Age: Non-Disclosed

Procedure(s): Closed Nasal reduction of a fracture

Patient Information:  This patient broke his nose while playing soccer. He suffered from a significant deviation to the right. This was corrected by Dr. Fadi Nukta, our Nova Plastic Surgery Trauma plastic surgeon.


Face Trauma Before and After Lip Reconstruction

Age: Non-Disclosed

Procedure(s): Lip Reconstruction

Patient Information:  Very impressive Pitbull bite that took a good chunk from the patient’s lower lip. Dr. Nukta immediately performed what is called a wedge excision and primary repair. This is a procedure that should only performed by experienced Plastic Surgeons. The patient had excellent results.


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