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Marketing Manager job description at NOVA Plastic Surgery



Nova plastic surgery and skin wellness center is a growing plastic surgery practice and med spa founded and directed by board certified plastic surgeon Fadi Nukta, MD. The practice is in Ashburn, VA a 30 minutes’ drive from Washington, DC.

We are a group of highly skilled surgeons, physician’s assistants, estheticians and skin care consultants. We love what we do and enjoy working together as a team. Our company is growing rapidly and we are looking for a full-time marketing manager to join our team and to join us on what continues to be an awesome journey.

NOVA Plastic Surgery and skin wellness center provide a wide array of services and products:

  1. Cosmetic Surgery: eg. Face Lifts and Breast augmentation
  1. Traumatic Face and Hand Surgery: (Dr. Nukta’s specialty). Eg patients with facial fractures or massive dog bites to the face and patients with work injuries to hands and fingers
  1. Med spa: offering the wide gamut of services from facials, to Botox and Fillers to laser resurfacing and laser hair removal.
  1. Wellness center: including IV vitamin therapy,  and more services on the way to be added in the coming few months.
  1. Products: high end and medical grade skin care products, and general wellness retail products.


This position depends of the successful implementation the following 4 phases:


Phase 1: Where we stand

Phase 2: Where we want to go

Phase 3: How to get there

Phase 4: Repeat phases 1 through 3




Phase 1: Where we stand:


  • As our new, and can’t wait to get going, marketing manager you will study and determine our current position. Learn from our team about our past experiences, successes and challenges.
  • You will setup and carry out detailed Q&A sessions with team members to learn about:
  • Our values, principles and mission
  • Who are our clients, their demographics and the areas on the map from which we historically have drawn clients
  • Past successful experiences and why they were successful
  • Past not so successful experiences and why
  • You will study and obtain deep insights and detailed analytics on our:
  • Website: visits, form completion, and phone calls
  • Keyword positions
  • Competitors and their online presence
  • Blog: keywords and topics
  • Social media: followers, engagement, and current reach
  • This includes: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest
  • Youtube channel
  • Email marketing: topics, open rates and click through rates
  • Our client retention tools
  • In-house events
  • Networking and marketing events.
  • Know what resources you have available
  • Outside freelancers for graphic design if needed.
  • Programmers and local blogger that we can use as promoters
  • Know how you are going to use or team as a source of topics and information


Phase 2: Where we want to go:


  • Armed with what you have learned in phase one, you will discuss with business owner the vision for the future and work together on setting realistic but ambitious goals for the future. This will include:
  • Number of clients we aim to see and treat on an annual basis
  • Services that we want to provide and promote to achieve that number
  • The percentage of repeat business we do
  • Average expenditure per client annually
  • Average expenditure per client per visit
  • We aim very high and our goals are always growing with us therefore, it is very important for you to be on the front edge of technology and marketing to keep advancing our team and your department.


Phase 3: How to get there:


  • This is where the fun begins. You will use all channels and resources available to achieve the goals outlined in phases one and two.
  • Come up with a detailed content calendar, this is based on:
  • Comprehensive keyword research
  • Creating compelling and catchy titles
  • Publishing these blog posts in an SEO friendly fashion
  • An important reason why we are having you work in house is the ability to take pictures of actual procedures, staff, and events. This will be an important part of our content calendar
  • New website pages to add to website to educate and promote
  • Well planned and researched blogs
  • Shooting videos on procedures we routinely perform, interviews with clients and staff members
  • Develop before and after pictures of our actual results
  • Write printed collateral to educate our existing clients
  • Setup up email automation tracks to target clients at the different stages of their buyer’s journey
  • Publish Facebook and other social media content that is engaging and interesting
  • Set up in office events and host them
  • Constantly test and analyze performance of different content pieces. Capitalize on what is working and improve what is not working. Always strive to get better. 


To be successful at this position you MUST:


  • Be passionate about marketing and loving it
  • You are creative. You are constantly thinking and brainstorming ideas and way to reach new clients and retain existing clients.
  • You love analytics, not only can you read an analytics report but you can really “analyze” it, come up with real conclusions and implement effective strategies to improve our results.
  • You are looking for career where you can grow and flourish. Not simply a salary to pay the bills.
  • You are not afraid of giving your opinion and bringing forward new ideas.
  • You are not afraid of thinking outside the box.
  • You are a digital citizen: the internet is your world, you are active on social media, you have experience with wordpress and blogging. If there is something you don’t online, you are able to easily figure it out after reading a quick tutorial that you find on google.
  • You must be an excellent writer: Writing engaging content is easy for you, you are familiar with SEO best practices, you can change your tone of writing and adjust based on who you are addressing*
  • You take pride in your work,
  • You have this nagging feeling always pushing to get better.
  • You must have experience in marketing at a previous position or have recently studied marketing and can’t wait to get a position to showcase what you have learned.



Why is this a great position: 


  • You will have both the guidance and resources to get the job done, and at the same time you will have the autonomy and independence to create and set up processes and workflows
  • You will work directly under the business owner. This means your ideas can directly be discussed with the owner without the need to go through a long chain of command.
  • A huge room for growth: You can build our marketing division and eventually hire other team marketing professionals to work with you and report to you.
  • Health insurance
  • Salary start at 55-65K with semi-annual bonus strongly connected to agreed upon metrics and conversion rates.
  • 401K after one year employment
  • Pension plan after 2 years of employment
  • Continuing education and paid annual conferences after the first year of successful employment.


If you believe you got what it takes to be successful at this position and can take it to new heights, please email a cover letter** and a resume directly to Dr. Nukta at


*Resumes with a typo or a grammatical error will be not considered

**generic cover letters not addressing this particular position, especially the “dear hiring manager, or to whom it may concern letters will not be considered

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