Rhinoplasty in Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC

Rhinoplasty is also called nasal surgery, and many people refer to it as a nose job or nose reshaping. Rhinoplasty is considered one of the most complicated surgical procedures performed by plastic surgeons. A nose job can be carried out with all the surgical incisions on the inside or with some on the skin; it can be performed with or without using cartilage or bone grafts; the surgery can be performed for breathing difficulties and can also be accomplished totally in a non-surgical way by utilizing injections of skin fillers to fill out some of the nose skin to hide minor imperfections.

The main intention of nasal surgery is to improve the proportions and overall appearance of the nose by balancing all facial features. At times nasal surgery is performed by surgeons to correct structural issues in the nose that may impair breathing in the patient causing many other health complications.

The Benefits offered by Rhinoplasty include:

Nasal surgery can alter:

  • Nose width
  • Nose size
  • Nose profile Reducing bumps or crookedness
  • Nose tip
  • Nostril size
  • Nasal asymmetry

Basically rhinoplasty is a personalized procedure that can minimize or alleviate a number of physical imperfections in the nose. The patient should be over the age of 13 years, healthy, a non-smoker, and have realistic goals from the surgery.

Previous to rhinoplasty surgery, the surgeon will analyze the patients nose and ask for the patients expectations. The patient needs to clearly state what he would like to achieve from the nose job. The plastic surgeon will evaluate the physical health of the patient and whether he/she has any previous relevant concerns with the nose (operations, injuries, breathing difficulties, and so on). The surgeon will also have look at skin of the nose, and assess the size and shape of the rest of the face. Obviously people are looking for a nose that is complementing the entire face.

Nowadays, most people are looking for cosmetic surgery that does not look fake or surgical. The more you know about rhinoplasty the better you will feel about getting this procedure and you will have more chances of success. A right rhinoplasty surgeon is a key to successful completion of the surgery and attention to detail and expertise in the art of rhinoplasty are needed to obtain consistently optimal outcomes. The founder and director of Nova Plastic Surgery Dr. Fadi Nukta, MD is a board certified plastic surgeon with specialty in plastic surgery of the face and body, and migraine surgery. Along with great dedication to patients, Dr. Nukta at Nova Plastic Surgery follows the safest and most effective techniques that deliver results that exceed the patients expectations.

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