Trauma Plastic Surgery


What is Trauma Plastic Surgery?

Many people, when they hear the words “plastic surgery” immediately think of cosmetic surgery designed to enhance one’s appearance. While cosmetic surgery is a bustling field worthy of its own recognition, plastic surgery is also necessary for those who have suffered some form of physical trauma. Trauma plastic surgery is not always a medical necessity, but it helps to minimize the appearances of scars and promote better healing.

Who Does it Benefit?

When it comes to having the plastic surgery, it is better to have procedures done sooner, rather than later for best results. This is especially true in terms of lacerations in order to minimize the appearance of scars.

Who Performs the Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Nukta, a Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, is the founder of NOVA and the clinic’s primary surgeon for trauma plastic surgery procedures. Recognized as one of the top surgeons in America in 2013, Dr. Nukta has several years of extensive training and hands-on surgical experience. In Massachusetts, he was the attending surgeon in a level 1 trauma center where he handled emergency cases that required a high level degree of care.

When you have plastic surgery, you want a doctor who not only treats the wounds, but treats the patient as well. Dr. Nukta places strong attention to care to both the wound and the patient for the best outcomes.

What Can I Expect?

Following trauma plastic surgery, you’ll be scheduled to follow up with Dr. Nukta to examine your healing process. Some trauma requires multiple procedures spread out over months and sometimes, even years. Dr. Nukta will keep you informed at every step of the way through your healing process. Recovery time is dependent on your injuries and how quickly your body heals following the trauma.  Please call our office at (703) 574-2588 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Fadi Nukta.

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