Surgical training for Fadi Nukta, MD, FACS


  • Chief resident Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, University of Massachusetts 2008-2009
  • This was a great experience in terms of volume and number of cases.
  • His performance earned him a position as an assistant of plastic surgery and was recruited to stay on staff 2009-2011, Where he headed a hand surgery clinic and taught residents and medical students and art and science of hand surgery.
  • Resident Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, University of Massachusetts, 2007-2008


  • Fellow, Hand and Microsurgery, University of Louisville, The Kleinert’s Institute. 2006-2007
  • The Kleinert’s Hand Surgery institute KHSI is one of the world oldest and largest hand surgery clinics. This hand clinic made Louisville famous for treating the most difficult hand surgery cases. Even today many patients are flown in from other parts of the country to seek their expert surgeons. (link to picture with Dr. Kleinert)
  • Nukta spent an entire year at KHSI learning and apprenticing with the masters of hand surgery. This gave him tremendous experience and opened the world of Trauma hand surgery in front of him.
  • He was part of the surgical team that performed one of the earliest hand transplants in the world.
  • He worked independently performing the most complex hand surgery cases at the operating rooms of the University of Louisville.


  • Chief Resident General Surgery, Yale New Haven Hospital, Saint Raphael Campus 2005-2006


  • Resident General Surgery, Yale New Haven Hospital, Saint Raphael Campus, 2001-2005



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